17 Jun 2011


All the stories content sexual activities! Many of them are Incest Stories, BDSM Sorties, Group Sex Stories, Orgy Stories, Sex with in-laws Stories, Gay Stories, Lesbian Stories etc....there are some good Love -Stories and soft core stories. I have given a short descriptions in the brackets, which will give you some hints about the nature of the Story! Enjoy the stories and give comments!

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16 Jun 2011

Asaiva Kathaikal-1

No: 9 Akkavin Asai (In-laws, Cheating Wife, Orgy (MMFF))
No: 10 Mukkudal (Orgy MFF)
No: 11 Sallapaviruthu (Mami, Orgy MFF)
No: 12 Pundayum Kattuval Pathini (Cheating Wives)

TSS 02


No: 18 ethanai arippu Wife , MMMF

TSS 04

No: 19 Annikalin Kamam (Sex with Anni )
No: 20 Annikku_Thanni (Sex with Anni )
No: 21 Anniyai alli Anaithu (Sex with Anni )
No: 22 anniyai vachchirukken (Sex with Anni )
No: 23 Anniyin Paal Paayasam (Sex with Anni )
No: 24 anniyoda jam jammunnu (Sex with Anni )

TSS 05

No: 25 Appa Anni Kamvilayatu (Sex with Anni )
No: 26 Athai en Methai (Sex with Anni )
No: 27 Athai-Enkamadevadai (Sex with Anni )
No: 28 Azagu kavithaanni (Sex with Anni )
No: 29 Maamanaar-my-Friend (In Laws)
No: 30 Marumagal_super (In Laws)
No: 31 Aakasha Paravaikal (Incest, Mom & Sisters)

TSS 06

No: 32 Aalli_Kodukara_Akka (Incest, Elder Sister, Swapping, Group)
No: 33 Aassmii-antharangam (Incest, Bro-Sister, Sons, MMMF)
No: 34 adai_Mazai (Incest, Mom, Elder Sister, In-Laws)
No: 35 akka amma magan (Incest, Mom, Elder Sister, MFF)
No: 36 Akka Peyar Susila (Incest, Bro- Elder Sister, Prigo)
No: 37 Akka-Chithee-Leelaikal (Elder Sis, Aunty, Anal)
No: 38 akkaudan (Elder Sister)
No: 39 Akkavai Otha Uthama Thambi (Elder Sister)

TSS 07

No: 40 akka,anni,thangai (Incest, Elder Sister, In-Laws, Lesbain, Gr
No: 41 Akka-Vimala (Elder Sister, Younger Sister)
No: 42 Akkavin Aasai (Elder Sister,)

TSS 08

No: 43 Akkavin Kama Thee Suttathu Elder Sister,
No: 44 akkavodu adagatha attam Elder Sister,
No: 45 AKKAVUDAN Elder Sister,
No: 46 Akkavudan Thappaga Elder Sister,
No: 47 alagia_amma Mom Son, Lactating
No: 48 Amma Kooda Padukka Anni, Amma
No: 49 Amma Magan Mom, son, Friends, Group

TSS 09

No: 50 amma En Kama Kizhathi Mom Son

TSS 10

No: 51 Amma Magan Appa Thangai Incest Family
No: 52 amma vaa Mom son Incest
No: 53 Amma_Kushboo Celebrities, Incest Mom son
No: 54 Amma-En-First-Wife Mom Son Incest
No: 55 Amma-For-me-Only-For-Me Mom Son Voyogirisim
No: 56 Amma-Magan-Appa-Magal Incest Family, Group

TSS 11

No: 57 Amma-Magan-Kamakaliyattangal Mom Son Incest
No: 58 Amma onrum_Salaithavalillai Incest Family
No: 59 ammavin kaamathalattu Mom Son Incest
No: 60 Ammavin Mama Call Girls, Incest Family
No: 61 Ammavin-mulai-pall Mom Son Incest
No: 62 Anbulla_Anna Bro Sister Incest
No: 63 Andhappuram_Agragaram Incest Family
No: 64 Annaikkum_Akka Incest Family


No: 65 anaikkum akka,kadikkum thangai Incest Family
No: 66 annan thangai Bro Sister Incest
No: 67 Appavin Manaivi Incest Family


No: 68 Annan Ool Mannan Bro Sister Incest


No: 69 Anni Idi Thangi Incest Family
No: 70 Athai veetil 10 Natkal Uncle, Cousin
No: 71 Ayaramma Incest Family
No: 72 bama_vijayam Incest Family
No: 73 Bath Roomil Ammavai Mom Son Incest
No: 74 Amma Sollura Akka Thullura Incest Family
No: 75 Beautiful-Sis Bro Younger Sister Incest


No: 76 daddy.mummy.veetilillai Bro Younger Sister Incest
No: 77 EN AMMA THEVIDIYA Voyogiristic, Mom
No: 78 En Maganum en Iduppum Mom Son Incest
No: 79 Enna Enna Aasaikalo Aunty
No: 80 ennammaa_kannu Bro Sister Incest
No: 81 En-Thuduppum-Ammavin-Iduppum Mom Son Incest
No: 82 Family-Group Incest Family


No: 83 Father_Sentiment Dau-Daughter
No: 84 Idikkirayaa  Illai Appavidam Sollavaa Bro Sister Incest
No: 85 Hany moom Pogalam Vanga Bro-Sis, Swapping, Wifes
No: 86 Incest-Family Incest Family
No: 87 Ithu thanda Thangachi Bro Sister Incest
No: 88 Joodi_Maariyathu Bro-Sis, Swapping, Wifes
No: 89 kallazhagar Mom Son Incest


No: 90 Kamini-Kasthoori-Kavitha (Incest Family)
No: 91 Kanani Kooda Karanamagum (Incest Family)
No: 92 Kannan-ThanthuvittenEnnai (Incest Family)
No: 93 Kolangal (Incest Family)
No: 94 Kootikodutha_Kokila (Incest Family)


No: 95 Kudumba_Puranam (Incest Family)
No: 96 kudumba_sugam (Incest Family)
No: 97 Lavanya_Annan_Anni (Bro-Sis, Swapping, Wifes)
No: 98 Kumba_Nimmathi (Incest Family)
No: 99 Happy Birth day Sister (Bro-Sister & her Lover)
No: 100 Maaranin-Mayakkathil (Incest Family)


No: 101 magale un samathu (Dad- Daughter)
No: 102 Manaivi-kodutha-inba-athirchi (Wife, Mom, MFF)
No: 103 manavi-mamiyar (Mom Son, Orgy, MMF)
No: 104 maru_naal_varai_nillaa_uravuga (Incest)
No: 105 Meena (Incest Family)
No: 106 Meendum Anu,Akka & Aunty (incest, Group)
No: 107 ith_en_nadanthathu (Mom Son Incest)
No: 108 jnayam (Mom Son Incest)
No: 109 Marumagalai Otha Palkaran (Viyogiristic, In-laws)
No: 110 Mudiyatha Payanagal (Incest)
No: 111 naanal (Incest Bro-Sister)
No: 112 Nalladhoru Kudumbam (Family Incest)


No: 113 Nan Petra Selvangal (Mom, son,Daughter)
No: 114 ninaivellam_nithya (Family Incest)
No: 115 oru.naal.ninaivithu.. (Bro-Sister)
No: 116 paalaabhishekam (Bro-Sister)
No: 117 Paasamaana Amma (Mom Son)
No: 118 Paatti-Amma-Akka (Family Incest)
No: 119 panith_thirai (Dad sharing daughter with his friend)
No: 120 penne.unmel.pizhai (Bro Sharing sister with his friend)


No: 121 pillaivaettamman (Mom Son Incest)
No: 122 Radhaum-aval-thambium (Bro Sister)
No: 123 Mallikai Manjathil Mamiyarudan (Sex with Wife & her mother)
No: 124 Nan Thangai Appa (Dad & Son with daughter)
No: 125 rajeshin kudumbam (Family Incest)
No: 126 Raju vum avan AMMA vum (Mom Son)
No: 127 Revathiyin_kanavu (Mom Son)
No: 128 sa_ri_ga_ma_amma (Mom Son)
No: 129 sivappu_nila (Incest)

TSS: 22

No: 130 siyammal_and_sons (Mom Sons Incest)
No: 131 Thangachi (Bro Sister)
No: 132 Thangaiyin-Siriya_Mulaigal (Bro Sister)
No: 133 Thayozhi Kazhakam (Moms, Sons, Group)
No: 134 Uthmi-Akka-Uthama-thambi (Bro Sister)
No: 135 vaa_thangachchi_odippogalam (Bro Sister)
No: 136 vasantham_irandu (mom, sis, incest)
No: 137 Veettukulle_vilayattu (Incest family)
No: 138 Veetukule sinnavidu (Incest family)


No: 139 enna.seiya.pogirai (Lesbian, Uniform, group)
No: 140 Eves In Eden (Lesbian, Group)
No: 141 pudavai_vanga_ponen (Lesbian)
No: 142 seeraikaidhi silmesam (Lesbian, Group, Prison)
No: 143 then_unnum_vandu (Lesbian, FFF,Sex with girl friend & h
No: 144 12B (Strangers, Travel,Teasing)
No: 145 Abirami Love (Friend's Sister)
No: 146 Akka pundai (Neighbour Girl, Elder Girl)
No: 147 Akka santhegam ketkalamma (Neighbour younger Boy)
No: 148 Ameenavum Thrishavum (Lesbian,)
No: 149 Amma-Amsa-Chance (Mom Daughter, Office staff)
No: 150 anitha_annie (Brother Wife)
No: 151 Ramba (Stranger)
No: 152 anubavi_raja_anubavi (Stranger)
No: 153 dog trainer (Dogs)


No: 154 Driver-Dinesh (Driver, Mistress)
No: 155 enasai.unoduthaan (Nighbour, Anal)
No: 156 Enathu Chithi (Many Short Stories)


No: 157 HARINI (Nighbour, younger girl)
No: 158 annan_pondattiyum_thambi_po (Brothers, Wife swapping)
No: 159 ApoorvaRaagangal (Bro Sis, Others)
No: 160 Suttibabu (Cheating Wives)
No: 161 Bale Padiya (Cheating Wives)
No: 162 dosthuku.illai.vaasthu (Wife sharing,)
No: 163 Goa-vil Kalavi Thiruvizha (Couple swinging)
No: 164 kamaagni (Friend's Wife)
No: 165 Kanavarin Assi (Wife Sharing, Exbition, Group, Freek
No: 166 Natpukkaga (Wife Swapping)
No: 167 NIZHAL_NIJAMAGIRATHU (Wife Swapping)
No: 168 Pasuvum kandrum (Relatives, cousins)
No: 169 Sivakamy (Swapping, Older couples, Younger
No: 170 Uyire_unakkaaga (Wife Sharing)


No: 171 7G rainbow colony (Young boy raping a mature lady)
No: 172 12 B an incest story (Incest, had sex with sis & forrced ch
No: 173 1967 (Strangers, Tribal)
No: 174 A Rape  (Forced sex,)
No: 175 A Students Dairy (Fantacy)
No: 176 aadungada.ennai.suthi (Teacher exploited by students, grou



No: 177 Aasai Aunty _ (Mature Lady, younger boy)
No: 178 Aasai kanavan  (wife_group_)
No: 179 aasaikal palavitham  (Cheating Wife)
No: 180 Aasai-thangai-Sahaana (with younger sister)
No: 181 Abi Engira Azhagu Pisaasu (Me, my sister & my friend)


No: 182 abium.naangalum (Dad & 2 sons with their sister)
No: 183 adagu Manaivi (Forced, group, MMMF, Anal, DP)
No: 184 Adi Paavi  (With Sisters Friend)
No: 185 adiye.kolluthe (Group, MMF)
No: 186 Adutha Varudam Deepavali  (Strangers, Travel one on one)
No: 187 Aduthathu ambujam mami  (Mature female, younger male)
No: 188 Akka Asaiya TheerthaThambi (Incest, Elder sister)
No: 189 Akka  (Incest, Bro Elder Sisister)
No: 190 Akka Kavitha Thambi Raj (Incest, Elder Sister)


No: 191 Akka Manasu  (Incest, Bro Elder Sister)
No: 192 Akka Meena  (Incest, Bro + 2 Sisters)
No: 193 Akka Meethu Ekkam (Incest, Elder Sister, Younger Brother
No: 194 akka Nan tankai (Incest, Brother & Sisters)
No: 195 Akka tanda parisu (Incest, Elder Sister, Younger Brother
No: 196 Akka + Naan (Incest, Elder Sister, Younger Brother
No: 197 Akka Thooka…... 1 (Incest, Mom, Elder Sister, In-Laws, A
No: 198 Akka Thooka…... 2 (Incest, Mom, Elder Sister, In-Laws, A
No: 199 Akka Thooka…... 3 (Incest, Mom, Elder Sister, In-Laws, A


No: 200 Akka_and_her_friend (Incest, Elder sister & her friend)
No: 201 Akka_Ennraal_Sugamm  (Incest, Bro & Elder Sisters)
No: 202 Akkaa Meena  Incest, Bor Sis
No: 203 akkaakka  (with Friends Sister)
No: 204 Akka-Amma  (Incest, mom, sis)
No: 205 akkaavum_thambiyum (Incest, Bro Sis)



No: 206 Akkavayum Thankayyaium (Incest, Elder Sister &  Younger Siste
No: 207 Akka-Veettuku-Ponal_  (Incest, Bro Sis, Mom Son, Cousin)
No: 208 Akkavin Magal  (Uncle, nices)
No: 209 Akkavum-Naanum (Incest, Bro Sis)
No: 210 Alameluvoodan oru Antharanga (Strangers)
No: 211 amma kartru koduththal (Mom son)


No: 212 Amma Magan Kama Vilayattu (Mom son)
No: 213 amma_inge_vaa_vaa (Mom son)
No: 214 amma akka athai manaivi… (Incest Family)
No: 215 Amma Enum Adimai (Mom son)
No: 216 Ammanakkundi Mamikal (Strangers, group,wife sharing)
No: 217 Ammas Secret (Mom son, Black mailing, cheating mo
No: 218 Ammavin Kanavu Nanavakirath  (Mom Son)
No: 219 Ammavin Marupakkam (son, mom, friends, call girl, group)
No: 220 ammavin thangai (moms sister, in-laws)


No: 221 Ammavudan Muthaliravu (Mom son, Incest)
No: 222 Ammavukku Pathi Makalukku M (With mom & daughter same time)
No: 223 Ammavum Chithappavum (Cheating Mom, Voyogiristic)
No: 224 Ammavum than sella maganum (Mom,  Son, Group, Friends)
No: 225 Ammavum Thangaiyum (Mom son, daughter)
No: 226 Amukki Parrkkava Amma (Mom son)


No: 227 Anand sex with chitti and maid  (Aunty, maid, MFF)
No: 228 Anandam Arambam (1 on 1)
No: 229 Anannin Kanavu (Brother, Younger Sister)
No: 230 anantham vanthathadi anandi (Friend's mom)
No: 231 anbe.unaal.manam (Brother, Sister, Swinging, group)
No: 232 Anbukku Naan Adimai (Mom Son Frien group )


No: 233 Annan Nadaththiya Kama Pada (Incest, Bro Sis)
No: 234 Annanukku Thangai Ezhuthiya (Brother, Sister, Group, MMMF)
No: 235 Anni En Annai (In laws)
No: 236 Annikku Arangetram (Incest, family, inlaws, group)


No: 237 anniyum kolunthankalum (In laws, Family, Cheating wife)
No: 238 Anuradha-miss-udan-oru-anuba (Teacher Student)
No: 239 appa_sonna_aruthal (Dad Daughter)
No: 240 appaavai pazhivaanga ammaav (incest, mom son)
No: 241 Appaavi Thulasi Maami (Mature lady, )
No: 242 Appaavin Manaivi (Incest Family)
No: 243 Appavukku Oru Kaditham (Incest, Dad daughter)


No: 247 athai en devathai (Aunty)


No: 248 Athai Madi Methai Adi... (Aunty)
No: 249 Athaiyin_Vithai (Aunty, nephew)
No: 250 athaiyudan (Aunty, nephew)
No: 251 athaya chittiya maamiya chechiy (1 on 1)


No: 252 Aththai marumagan (Aunty, nephew)
No: 253 Atthai kodutha Sugam (Aunty, nephew)
No: 254 Autovukku Nandri  (Mom Sis)
No: 255 Azagiya_Anniyum Ammavum _ With Anni & Amma
No: 256 Azhagana Aunty (Aunty)
No: 257 azhagana.ponnuthaan _ (Dad Daughter)
No: 258 azhagi (Mom Daughter, Lesbian)


No: 259 Bank_Manager-lady  (Female Dom)
No: 260 Banu_chiththi (Aunty)
No: 261 Biology Class  (Les Sis Friend)
No: 262 Causal encounter (Strangers, 1 on 1)
No: 263 Appavum Appavi Makalum  (Dad Daughter)
No: 264 Chandravidam sahasam _ (Strangers, 1 on 1)
No: 265 chithi pengal (Cousines,)
No: 266 Chithiramalli  (Incest momson group)
No: 267 Chithiyin Veri (Aunty)


No: 268 Chithiyum Akka Maganum (Cousines, Aunty)
No: 269 Chithiyum Nanum (Aunty)
No: 270 Chithra-in-Nair-Studio (Cheating Wife)
No: 271 chiththeeee (Aunty)
No: 272 Chiththi (Aunty, elder lady)
No: 273 chittiudan (Aunty, elder lady)
No: 274 Chittkku en sundakkai sunni ( Aunty, Mature lady, seducing nephe
No: 275 Chozhan Magal (Historical, sofcore)
No: 276 chutti_payan_babu (Cheating wife, 1 on 1)


No: 277 anubavam.pudumai (Gay)
No: 278 Anubhavam (1 on 1)
No: 279 Asik wife Jahira (Cheating wife)
No: 280 Asinu aval Appavum _ (Dad daughter, Celebrety)
No: 281 AswiniOnline (Bro Sister)


No: 282 Chinna_Veetu_Singari  (Mom son dau)
No: 283 Ayyo pudichirukku  (Parody song)
No: 284 bommai  (FRIENDS mOM)
No: 285 Bun-Butter-Jam (Medical, Incest, group)
No: 286 Azagiya_Anni (Anni,)
No: 287 chaththam_podaathe  (Mom Daughter_)
No: 288 Chinna Chinna Aasai..._ (Parody)


No: 289 buvana thantha badam pall (1 on 1)


No: 290 Computer_vaangi_Kannakku_P (Incest mom sister brother)
No: 291 Couple Exchange (Swapping, group)
No: 292 DEVADASI (Call girl, mom, group)
No: 293 Devi Kutty (Inlaws, Wifes younger sister, piss)
No: 294 Devi Mami.. (Neighbour, Mature Lady, Aunty, 1 on
No: 295 Devi Sri Devi  (Stranger 1 on 1)
No: 296 Dinesh Sister  (Incest, brother,sister)
No: 297 Doctor Madhavi kutty ravuakl  (Hospital, Strangers, group)
No: 298 Doctor Mohan  (Nighbour 1 on 1)


No: 299 doctorin thiruvilayadal (Hospital, Doctor, Nurse, Strangers)
No: 300 Ammavum Palkaranum (Mom, Strangers, Vyogiristic)
No: 301 Chittiyum ava ponnum (Aunty, Cousin,Mature Lady)
No: 302 Eattikku Potti_  (Swapping, Group)
No: 303 Eden Thottathil (Lesbian, group)
No: 304 Eduthathum Ottayil  Cheating wife, Mature L:ady
No: 305 ekkam  (Husband, Wife)
No: 306 ellaam_inbamayam  matur man with younger girl
No: 307 ellaame_en_kaathali  (Lovers)


No: 308 Emy a love story (Romantic sex story)
No: 309 En akka solli kodutha kama pad (Bro Sis)
No: 310 En Azhagu devathai kavitha an (with anni)
No: 311 En Kaziyum Amma Kuziyum (Mom son )
No: 312 En Kuliyal Rani  (Neighbour, 1 on 1)


No: 313 En Magalukku Nandri  (Incest family strangers group)
No: 314 En manaiviyum naanum  (Wife,Exbitionisam,group,cokold husb
No: 315 En Muthal Uravu _ (Dad Daughter)
No: 316 En Petrrorin Ragasiyam ( Wife Swapping_)


No: 317 En Peyar Karina  (Incest Father Son daughter)
No: 318 En Thangai Banu (Brother, Younger Sister)
No: 319 En Thangai Geetha (Brother, Younger Sister)
No: 320 En Thangai Sinthu (Brother, Younger Sister)
No: 321 En Thankaigin Pundai Poo Mat (Bro Sister)
No: 322 En Thuduppum Amma Iduppum (Mom son)
No: 323 En_Aasai_Magal (Dad Daughter)
No: 324 En_kalluri_anupavam (College,group MFF)


No: 325 en_magan_en_ilavarasan  (Mom Son)
No: 326 En_Manaivi_Veettill _ (with wife & her parents group)
No: 327 en_manaiviyum_avanum  (Cheating Wife)
No: 328 en_thangai_kalyaani  (Bro Sis)
No: 329 En-Amma thevidiya  (Incest, group,vyogirism, mom son)
No: 330 en_valkai_priya (A horny girls story)
No: 331 Enba_Payanam  (Lovers 1 on 1)
No: 332 enga_mama  (uncle)
No: 333 Engal Veedu  (Incest family)
No: 334 Engalukku Perinbam ( Lesbain)


No: 335 En Kudumba Kuththu Vilakkukal (Incest Family)


No: 336 enna_enna_aasaigalo  (Aunty)
No: 337 Ennai Karpalitha en mama  (Uncle)
No: 338 Ennakum Aasai Undu  (Lovers 1 on 1)
No: 339 Ennudaya sex guru - sumitra Te (Tea Stu)
No: 340 ennuyir_kannamma  (Group, maid, wife,Bi,Mff)
No: 341 EnPeyar_Shanthi _ (Cheating Wife, younger boy)
No: 342 eppo_eppo  (Aunty)
No: 343 ETHIR_VEETU_ANITHA  (Les Wife Swap)


No: 344 Akkavai Kootikoduthen - (group)
No: 345 En Kanavarum Avar Thanthayu (Son shares his wife with dad, MMF)
No: 346 ethirpaaraathathu  (Mom Son Aunty)
No: 347 etho.seigirai _ (Bro Sis)
No: 348 Ethu thanda Thangachi (Bro Sis)
No: 349 Exchange-our-Magalgal (Dads swap their Daughters)


No: 350 family friend _ (Neighbour Aunty)
No: 351 friend_s_wife (cheating wife, friends wife)
No: 352 Friends Sis (friends sister, blow job)
No: 353 Ithu Than un manaivin Masal va (Friends Wife , Comedy)
No: 354 Fun in the Bus- (Teased by a younger boy in bus)
No: 355 geetha_en_abhimana_nadigai  (Celebrity, call girl, Mature Lady)
No: 356 Geethavin Thenialvu (First Night Story)
No: 357 giraha_piravesam  (aunty, Bro, Sis)
No: 358 Giruba Yen thangai (Brother, Younger sister)
No: 359 Gnabagam_varuthe_ Tea Stu (Teacher Student, Mature Lady)
No: 360 gnana_sunthari  (Grant Mom)
No: 361 goavil_kushbu  (Celebrity, group, Gang Bang)


No: 362 Gnayam  (moms sons Daughters)


No: 363 gopika  (Celebrity, wife shareing)
No: 364 gopiyum akkakkalum (Brother,Elder Sister)
No: 365 happy birthday sister_ (Brother shared sis with his friend,MM
No: 366 Harinien amma _ (with mom & Daughter)
No: 367 home_delivery  (Group-FFM)
No: 368 Honey Flowers  (Cousins)
No: 369 Iduppukku Keezha Interview (Office)
No: 370 Ilamai OOnjaladugirathu_ (Mature Lesbian)
No: 371 Inbam Ungal Choice  (Celebrity)  lesbian
No: 372 Inbathin-ellai  (Cheating wife)


No: 373 nalla_thangai (Incest- Sis Bro Friend-)
No: 374 nee_thaana_antha_kuyil (Incest-bro sis-)
No: 375 netru_nee_sinna_pappa (Incest-bro sis-)
No: 376 pagalil_oru_iravu (Incest-bro sis-)
No: 377 magale_un_samarththu (Incest-Dad Dau-)
No: 378 manithanum_mirugamum (Incest-Dad Dau-)
No: 379 mayabazar (Incest-Family-)
No: 380 naangu_suvargal (Incest-Family-)
No: 381 odi_vilaiyaadu_thaaththaa (Incest-Grand Dau-)
No: 382 mercy_aththai (Incest-)
No: 383 megaththukkum_thaagamundu (Incest-Mom Son-)
No: 384 muthal_muthalaai (Incest-Mom Son-)
No: 385 o_manju (Incest-Step dau-)
No: 386 Indian Housewife Goes Shoppi (Strangers)
No: 387 Iniya Thangai Suchitra (Younger Sister)


No: 388 17 Vayathu Gramathu Pen (Novel)
No: 389 Aal Marattam (Starngers, 1 on 1)
No: 390 Aasi Vilakku (Brother-Sister)
No: 391 Adutha Veetu Anjalee (Neighbours)


No: 392 Akilavin_Mathal_Irvu_ Hus_Wife
No: 393 Akilavukku.... (Aunty)
No: 394 Akka_Maka_Rathiname (Sisters Daughter)
No: 395 Akkam_Pakkam (Neighbours Freek Girl)
No: 396 Akkavukku_Kalyanam (Brother-Sister)
No: 397 Ambujammavin_Assaikku_Alavethu (Starngers, aunty)
No: 398 Ammavai_Okkum_Sugam (Incest Family )
No: 399 Ammavi_Best_Friend (Aunty)
No: 400 Ammavin_Kalla_Purusankal (Mom Vyoristic)
No: 401 Ammavin_Snehithi (Aunty)


No: 402 Anbu_Kalarntha_Kamam (Sisters Friend)
No: 403 Anbulla athaikku (Aunty)
No: 404 Anbulla_Athikku (Aunty)
No: 405 Anjalayin_adangatha_asai (Hus & Wife)
No: 406 Annan_Thambi_Thangachi_pundai (Brother-Sister MMF)
No: 407 Anni_En_Manaivi_Manger (Sister in Law, Cheating Wives, Vyoristic )
No: 408 Anniyudan Sallapam (Anii)
No: 409 Anniyum_Nanum_Adaintha_Sugam (Sister in Law,)
No: 410 Antharanga_Nadagangal_Auntiyudan (Neighbours Anty) 
No: 411 Anubhavam (NA)
No: 412 Anubhavam_Inithu (Aunty)
No: 413 Appadi_Podu_Podu (Aunty)
No: 414 Appadi_Podu_Podu_2 (Aunty)
No: 415 Appavukkaga (Lovers)
No: 416 Armykkaran_Pondatti (Cheating Wife, Neighbour)


No: 417 Auntikalin_Thakathil (Call Girls, Young Boys, MFFF)
No: 418 Avasarathil_Aditha_Adi (Starngers, Aunty)
No: 419 Azhagana_Athai (Aunty)
No: 420 Balavin_Muthal_anubhavam (Friend's Elder Sister)
No: 421 Basal_Vantha_Sex (Friends, Teasing,MFF)
No: 422 Bhanuvin_Kathalan (Cheating Wives, Friends Lover)
No: 423 Bhavaniyin_Thanthirangal (Freek Girl, Gang Bang)
No: 424 Brindhavin_Brindhavanam (Brothers, swapping, Group,)
No: 425 Car_Parisu.... (Cheating Wives, cockold Hus)
No: 426 Chennai (Neighbours, Aunty)
No: 427 Chithiyin_Silmisham (Aunty)
No: 428 CINE DREAMS (Celebraties, )
No: 429 CINE KOOTHU (Celebraties,)


No: 430 Citravidam_Kattra_Padam (Neighbours freek Girls)
No: 431 College_Connection (Freek Girls, Uncles)
No: 432 College_Manavanudan_Sorgam (Teacher-Student, Young Boys )
No: 433 Collegil_en_Thozhiyudan (Lesbain, Friends)
No: 434 Devi Chithi (Step Mom)
No: 435 Eakkamum_Thayakkamun (Cousines)
No: 436 En_KAnavarin_Viruppam (Exbitionism, Group, Cockold Hus)
No: 437 Ennudaya_muthal_sex_anubavam (Cheating Wife, Mature Woman, 1 on 1)
No: 438 Etho oru paadal.. .Kamapadal
No: 439 Gajni (maid)
No: 440 Geethavin_Unmai_Kathi (1 on 1)
No: 441 Girija_Mami (Aunty)


No: 442 Enakku pidithavai A boys Dreems


No: 443 Gift_for_the_Promotion_of_husband (Cheating Wives, Pimp Husbands)


No: 444 Gramathu_Pen_Meera (In Laws, Wife's Younger Sis, freek Girls)
No: 445 GramathuTeacher- (novel)
No: 446 Hello_Doctor (Wife-doctor Nurse)
No: 447 Honey_moon_Pogalam_Vanga (Brother-Sister, swap, MMFF)
No: 448 Ilamai_Vegathil... (Freek Girl)
No: 449 Ilaneerkkari_Kamala (Starngers, 1 on 1)
No: 450 Incest_Experience (Brother-Sister)
No: 451 Iniya_Uravukal_REkha (Sisters Son)
No: 452 Innum_Ennai_Enna_Seya (NA)


No: 453 Inspector Thangaraj _ (Uniform, forced, Viyoristic)
No: 454 Inspector_Meenakshi (Male Servent, Female Domination, Unifor
No: 455 Internet_Kathal (Starngers)
No: 456 interrogation Forced,voyeuristic,broup,momson
No: 457 Irattai_Mamikal_Thantha_Sallap_Vir (Neighbours, Aunty, MFF)
No: 458 Irattai_Savari (Sisters, MMFF)
No: 459 Iravu Raanikal (A Saroja Devi Story)
No: 460 Iruttarayin_Ragasiyam (Cheating Wives, Young Boys )
No: 461 iruvar_ullam (Girl Friend 1 on 1)
No: 462 ith_en_nadanthathu (Ins-Mom Son-)


No: 463 ithu kama depavali (Family incest)
No: 464 Ithu Manmatha Pada Neram (Teacher-Student)
No: 465 ithu_eppadiyirukku (shareing wife with her dad & Brother,
No: 466 Ithuthanda Tangachi (Younger sister comforts brother)
No: 467 Ivan_Pavam_Illaya_ (Starngers, Freek Girl)
No: 468 jallikkattu  (Wife forced & gang banged by his fri


No: 469 jackpot_jamuna  (Aunty, Cheating Wife, Younger Male)
No: 470 Jaya sreeyin suya sevai _ (she masturbates with everything she
No: 471 jayalaxmiyin_kamappayanam (Experiences of a horny girl! )
No: 472 Jayanjali... (Lesbain Domination, Uniform)
No: 473 jayanthi  (In Laws-Husbands Father)


No: 474 janakiyum_aval_thambiyum  (Bro Sis)
No: 475 Jayanthiyin_Thaham (Father in Law)
No: 476 Jeeva_RAni (Cheating Wives)
No: 477 Joodi_Maariyathu  (incest, Bro Sis, Swapping)


No: 478 Jeni Jeni Jenifer  (Teacher Student)
No: 479 jothi_dharisanam  (Anni, pregnant)
No: 480 Jothy_Mamiyin_Jothi_Dharsanam (Neighbours Aunties)
No: 481 Juli_en_Devathai_Nurse (Nurse Petaient)


No: 482 kaadhal.ithuthaana_  (teen one on one)
No: 483 kaalai Onnu… (Swapping, Group)
No: 484 Kaamaver_MupperumDevi _ ( Group, freek, Mature Ladies)


No: 485 Kaaril_Oru_Imba_Payanam (Lovers)
No: 486 Kaarthikai veLLi _ (1 on 1 stright)
No: 487 kaathalaa_kaathalaa  ( Cheating Wife, mmf, Group)
No: 488 Kadanai_Thiruppi_Pera. (Cheating Wives)
No: 489 Kadankaran (Neighbours Aunties)
No: 490 Kadarkazhuku (Histrorical Novel)
No: 491 kai_kodukkum_kai  (Wife, her Sis)
No: 492 kaithi  (Group,voyeuristic,MMF,Uniform
No: 493 kaivalikuthu mama_ (Hus & Wife)


No: 495 kalakkal kacheri _ (Friends Mom)
No: 496 kalakkalana_kanakku_tuition _ (Teacher Student Lesbian)
No: 497 Kalappu_Irttayar_Attam (Swap, Starngers, Group, Cockold)
No: 498 Kalatra Dhosham_ (with mom & dau)
No: 499 kalyani_veetu_computer  (Friends Mom)
No: 500 Kama Leelaikal (cousins)
No: 501 Kama_Mohini (Starngers)
No: 502 Kama_Thamb (Brother-Sister, Vyoristic Mom)
No: 503 Kamal katra kattil viththaikaL _ (Strangers)


No: 504 Kamakshi Kadaksham (Neighbour_Mature_Female)
No: 505 Kamala_Mamiyin_Puthiya... (Aunty)
No: 506 Kamalavin..  (Group, Uniform, Forced)
No: 507 Kamaleelaikal  (Bro Sis)
No: 508 kamalelaigal  (Step Sister)
No: 509 Kamanin_Kolusu (Brother in Law)
No: 510 Kamathin_Kankalil (Lesbain)
No: 511 Kammankaadu _ (Hus Wife)
No: 512 kanaga _ Story of a Call Girl
No: 513 Kanakku_Teacher_Sakunthala_ (Co-Leg)
No: 514 Kanavanin Kadan _ Cheating Wife,
No: 515 Kanavanukku Virunthalitha Sne Friends, Husbant Sharing, voyeuristic


No: 516 kAndhimathi _ One on one
No: 517 Kani-Maram  (Cheating wife)
No: 518 Kanji_Pottu_oru_Isthiri (Strangers, Cheating Wife)
No: 519 kanmanitenVasal  1 on 1
No: 520 kanmaniye.kathal.enbathu _Lovers  1 on 1
No: 521 Kannamuchi Attam  Bro Sis
No: 522 Kappal-Payanam Strangers,  Group-
No: 523 KaravaiMaadu-rendu-KaalaiMa Aunty, Freek, Group
No: 524 Kareena   Dad & son share daughter
No: 525 Karil Oru Kadal Padam  Uncle teasing niece 
No: 526 Karnivel-Sex  Incest, bro sis, Swap, Group


No: 527 KannanThiruvilaiyadalkal Incest Family,Group
No: 528 Karpagathukku_Kalyanam (Cheating Wives, Friends, MMMF)
No: 529 Karthikai_Velli (Neighbours, aunty)


No: 530 karumbu kaadu irumbu raadu  Incest, Mom son, Inlaws, Anni
No: 531 Karuppa Oru Kathrikka _  Bro Younger Sis
No: 532 Kasthuri (Starngers)
No: 533 Katalanidam_Saran (Lovers)
No: 534 kathaiyalla_nijam  (Sex in Office)
No: 535 Kathali _ one on one
No: 536 Kathalum_Karttu_Mara (Lovers, mom)
No: 537 Kathlitha_Velai_kari (Maid, Domination)
No: 538 Kattida_Kattazhaki (Cheating Wives, Starngers, MFF)
No: 539 Kattukkulle_thiruvizha  (Mom Son)


No: 540 Kavitha  With Anni & her friend, FFM
No: 541 Kavitha_vin_Thaagaam  (Dad Dau)
No: 542 Kavyavin_Mudivu (Cheating Wives)
No: 543 kelungal_kodukkappadum  step sister
No: 544 Kerala Kutti office Office, 1 on 1
No: 545 Keralathu_Pundaiyum_Autokkaran_ (Cheating Wives)
No: 546 keyaar_vijayavin_peyarsollum_p (Celebrity, Mature Lady, Younger Boy
No: 547 kodaikala.kaatre _  (mom son dau)
No: 548 Kodeeswran_Nigalchi (Moking Reyality Show)
No: 549 koduththu_vaiththaval  (Wife & Twin Bro)
No: 550 Kokilavi Muthliravu_ Hus & Wife)


No: 551 kollywood kondaattam  (cele,group)


No: 552 Keralaththu Iravugal  Strangers, 1 on 1
No: 553 Koothi_Purathu_Ilavarasi (Histrorical, Irony)
No: 554 Kootu Kudmba Kathai Incest Family
No: 555 Koovam_Nathikarayil (Hus & Wife)
No: 556 Koththum_kili_ingirukka- Hus wife-phone sex-
No: 557 Kovai-Anupavangal _ Athai & her daughter
No: 558 Kovalam_ammaudan _ Friends Husband, Mom Daughter
No: 559 Kovil_Thee_Mithi (Starngers,Cheating Wives,)
No: 560 Kozhunthan_Thadi (Brother in Law)


No: 561 Kozhunthanar_Ennai_Paduthiya_Pad (Anni)
No: 562 Kuchi Kuchi Rakkamma.... _ Sexual Parady, Kama padal
No: 563 kudumba_sugam _ incest Family
No: 564 kudumbam oru kathambam_ Incest Family
No: 565 kudumbath_thalaivan  mom son
No: 566 Kudumbathirkaha uzahithavan_ Incest Family
No: 567 Kula Vazhakkam_ Incest Family
No: 568 Kumiliyil_periyammavudan_Kumthal (aunty)
No: 569 kundiyadi_kudumbam (Mom Son Dau)
No: 570 kurbani_aadu Wife-
No: 571 kushbuvutan dating_ Celebrity, 


No: 572 kutthu kudaka varigala_ Cheating Wife, Group, Freek Lady
No: 573 Kutty_Shakkeelavin_Thiruvilayadal (NA)
No: 574 Kuzhanthaikkaka _ Cheating Wife, Neighbour, Mature La
No: 575 Lakshmi Akka _ Neighbour, Aunty
No: 576 Latha_s_Brother (Brother-Sister)
No: 577 Lathaavin Lesbian nanbargal Lesbain
No: 578 Lathavode_Oru_Payanam_ (Co-Leagues)
No: 579 Lavanyavin Lattu_ Wifs Friend
No: 580 Leela Teacher Teacher Student
No: 581 lesa.parakuthu.manasu.  (Bro Sis)
No: 582 Lesbain Lesbain
No: 583 Lesbain_Massage Anubavam Lesbian Strangers


No: 584 Lift Story Office , 1 on 1
No: 585 Lift_Koduthu..... (Starngers, Cheating Wives)
No: 586 Lucky_Guy  (Mom Son Dau Aunty)
No: 587 Maadi Varai Uravu _ Incest Family MMMF
No: 588 maalai_neraththu_mayakkam  group-MMF, Girl Friend
No: 589 maamanaar_marumagal_bajan (In laws, Father in Law)
No: 590 maamiyaar_mechchiya_marum Lesbian, Mother in Law
No: 591 maappillai - (With Mother in Law)
No: 592 machini Sister in Law
No: 593 Madhana-kama-leelaigal_ Bro Sis Group


No: 594 Maamavum Naanum _ Swap Group-Gang Bang_freek Ladie


No: 595 Maduraiyai Eriya Kannagi-str-1o Stranger, 1 on 1


No: 596 Magal Kadali Mummy Kamugi (Sex with girl friend's Mom)
No: 597 Magal Thanthika....-dad dau Dau Daughter
No: 598 Magaleer kama Nilayam _fem d Uniform,Female Domination, Group
No: 599 Maithunan Manaivi-inla-1 on 1 In laws, 1 on 1, Brother in laws wife
No: 600 Maithuni Wifes Sister
No: 601 majaa-cele-grp Celebrities, Group
No: 602 Makal Thanthaikkaatrum Uthavi Dad Daughter
No: 603 MALA  (Wife mmf cockold)
No: 604 malabar anni-inlaws (With brothers wives)


No: 605 Malathy_teacher (Teacher-Student, Young Boys )
No: 606 Malligavodu_maja-moms fri Mothers Friend, Mature Lady,
No: 607 Mallikavin Anubhavankal-syr YB Strangers, Younger Boys, Mature La


No: 608 Mallikavin_Kanakku_Padam (Lesbain, Teacher-Student )
No: 609 mamanar_subbuvin_manmatha Father in Law
No: 610 Mamanarilam_Maatikkonden-cw Cheating Wife, MMF, Father in Law
No: 611 Mamanarin-Vaipatti-in law Father in Law, 
No: 612 Mamatha_Sorga_Vasalukku_Thaz_E (Call Girl)
No: 613 Mami_Thantha_Palachulai (Aunty)
No: 614 Mamiyai_Maja_Panniya_Anubhavan (aunty)
No: 615 Mamiyarai_Kundi_Aditha... (Mother in Law,)
No: 616 Mamiyarin Thee In Laws- Mother in Law
No: 617 Mamiyarin_Manmatha_Panam (Mother in Law,)


No: 618 Mamiyarudan Thakatha Uravu Mother in Law
No: 619 Mamiyarukku_Piditha_Pazham (Mother in Law,)
No: 620 Mamiye_oru_na_pathukkanam (Aunties, Friends Mom)
No: 621 mamiyudanmaja  Mature Lady, Youngwer Boy
No: 622 Manaivikku_Maruthuvam (Cheating Wives, Cockold Hus)
No: 623 Manaiviyal_Kidaitha_Veli_Nattu (pimp Husband)
No: 624 Manaiviyin_Markiting (Cheating Wives)
No: 625 Manaiviyin_Mayajalam- Wife, Mother in Law,Group
No: 626 Manaiviyudan_oru_rayil_payana Voyuristic, freek lady,wife sharing, Gr
No: 627 ManamVirumbuthe_Mamiyarai Mother In Law
No: 628 manavi-mamiyar Stranger, Mom Son,MMF,Gay
No: 629 manithanum_mirugamum Dad Daughter, Forced
No: 630 ManjamTediyaMachini In Law, wife, wife's sister, MFF


No: 631 Manaiviyin_Mayajalam (Incest Family)
No: 632 Manjathil_Mayangiya... (Neighbours Aunty)
No: 633 Manjathin_Mel_Mannippa (Cheating Wife, Old GF)
No: 634 Manju Cheating wife, group, freek ladies, Ne


No: 635 Manjula_Kodutha_Mayakkam (Cheating Wives, Starngers)
No: 636 Manjuvudan_Maja (Friend's Wife)
No: 637 Manmatha_Mayakkam Mom son, Incest
No: 638 Mannikka_vendugiren (Gay Sex)
No: 639 Manthira_punnagai (Celebraty)
No: 640 maru_naal_varai_nillaa_uravuga (Incest-)
No: 641 Marumagal_super (In laws, Daughter in Law, Freek Ladi
No: 642 Marumagalin_Kama_Dhakshan ( In Laws, Father in Law,)
No: 643 Marumakalai_Mirattiya_Mamana (Hospital, Vyoristic,)


No: 644 Maruthuvamanai_Sothanai (Incest, Cheating Wife,)
No: 645 Mathani_Mathani (In Laws, Wifes elder sister, 1 on 1)
No: 646 Mathanu_Anuvum_nei (Uncle)
No: 647 Maya_Machini (In laws, Wife's Younger Sis, Forced, Fem
No: 648 Mayabazar (Incest, Sis Bros,Group, MMF)
No: 649 Mayangugiral_marumagal (In Laws, Father in Law)


No: 650 Mayangukiral_En_Mamiyar (Mother in Law, bi sex)
No: 651 MayangukiraL-oru-maathu (In Laws, Brother in Law)
No: 652 Maythunan_Manaivi (In Laws,)
No: 653 Mazhaikkala_Iravukal (Friends, Group, MMF)
No: 654 Mazhayinal_Kidaitha_Sugam_ (Co-League)
No: 655 Meenamma_Meenamma (Mature Lady, Neighbour)
No: 656 Meenu_Meenu_Meenakka (Brother-Sister)
No: 657 Meenu_vangalayo (Strangers)
No: 658 Meenuvin_Kama_Leelai (Male Servent)
No: 659 Meenvin_kaama_leelai (Celebrity, Stanger)
No: 660 Meera-kabaddi (Celebraty,MMF)
No: 661 Megam_Thirala_.._Moham_Malara (Sex with Maid)


No: 662 Megaththukkum_thaagamundu (Incest, Mom Son)
No: 663 Meha_My_Boss (Office,Female Domination)
No: 664 Militari_Parede (Uniform, 1 on 1)
No: 665 Miss_Priyas (Teacher-Student, Young Boys )
No: 666 Mnaivi_Oru_Manikkam (wife & her Friend, MFF)
No: 667 Moha_Mull (Mother in Law,)
No: 668 Mohananin_Moham- (Incest Story)
No: 669 Moontru_Pengal (Office)


No: 670 Mootha Marumaga Sarasu (Daughter in Law)
No: 671 Mother in Law_Athai muthal am In Laws
No: 672 Mottai_Parayil_Murattu_Kutthu (Strangers, 1 on 1)
No: 673 Mudivilla-Aarambam (Incest, Brother Sister)
No: 674 Mumbai_Airport_project (Starngers)
No: 675 Mumtaj+Kaja_Payan (Strangers, Younger Boy, Female Suductio
No: 676 Munnal_Kadali (Lovers,
No: 677 Muppukkal (Friends, MFFF)
No: 678 Muthal_Anubhavam (In Laws, Anni, Elder Woman)
No: 679 Muthal_mariyaathai (Lovers, Mom, daughter)
No: 680 Muthal_muthalaai (Incest, Mom Son)
No: 681 Muthal_Ozh_Anubhavam (In Laws, Anni, Elder Woman)
No: 682 Muthal_padam_lilli_auntiyidam (Neighbours, Aunty, Mature Women)
No: 683 Muthalali_Amma_Male (Male Servent, Young Boys, Cheating Wiv
No: 684 Muthan_muthlil_Sex (Aunty)


No: 685 Manmatha Vaasal (Historical Novel)


No: 686 Muzhu_Neela_Nedunkathai (Group, Mom Daughter, Freek, Male Bi)
No: 687 Naam-Iruvar (Incest Family)
No: 688 Naan_Nadikai_Alla (Celebraties)
No: 689 Naan-Thangai-Machaan (Incest, Brother Sister Husband, MMF)
No: 690 Naanum_oru_Pen_Thane (in Laws, Sister's Husband)
No: 691 Naarakkoodhi_namitha (Celebraties)


No: 692 Nadhiyaa (Celebrity, MMF)
No: 693 Nalini_ammavidam_sonna_kathai (Husband, Wife)
No: 694 Nalla_Vela_Seyiranga (Maid)
No: 695 Nalladhoru_Kudumbam (Incest Family)
No: 696 Nambinaal_nambungal (Celebrities)
No: 697 Namitavin_Sex_Payanam (Celebrities)
No: 698 Namma.veetla.party (Dad_son_daughter_MMF)
No: 699 Nan_En_Nanbanin_Manaiviyai.. (Cheating Wives, Cockold Hus)


No: 700 Nanbane_enathu_uyir_Nanbane (Friends Mom)
No: 701 Nanbanin_Akka (Friends Sister)
No: 702 Nanbanin_Amma (Friends Mom Lesbain)
No: 703 Nanbanin_Manaivi (Friend's Wife ,Cheating Wives)
No: 704 Nanbanthaan.top (Friends Wife, Gay)
No: 705 Nanbanukkaga_Avan_Manaiviyai (Swapping)


No: 706 Nanga_remba_open_type (Friends Wife, MMF)
No: 707 Nanum_Chithiyum_Sumana_Chechiy (Aunties)
No: 708 Nanum_en_Manaiviyum (Dad_son_wife, MMF)
No: 709 Nataraj_Mama (Inlaws)
No: 710 NattuKattayai_Madakki... (Neighbours Aunties)
No: 711 Nayanavum_lisavum_peter_vanthitta (Gay Sex)
No: 712 NEE_PADU (Strangers)
No: 713 Neechal_Kathuthaaa (Strangers,Teen,Freek girl)
No: 714 Neelukutty (Teacher Student, Teen)
No: 715 Nerupu.koothadikuthu (Teacher Student, Lesbian)


No: 716 Nila_Nila__..._Odi_Vaa (Group-Incest-bro_Sister)
No: 717 Nilavai.pidithen (Strangers, Teen)
No: 718 Nillamal_Odukiren (Cheating Wife, Male Servent)


No: 719 Ninaithathai.mudithavan (Strangers, Hospital,Girl Friend)
No: 720 Ninaivellam_nirmal (Brother in Law)
No: 721 Nirmala-vin_Marupakkam (Female Domination, Group, Freek Ladies)


No: 722 Nishavin_nirvana_Nimidangal (Cheating Wives)
No: 723 Nuns_Love_Story (Convent, Lesbain)
No: 724 Nuzhivu_Thervu (Friends)
No: 725 Office_Sex_Story (Office)
No: 726 Officer and his Wife (MMF, Male bi Sex)
No: 727 Okkum_Urimai_Unda (Short Essay)
No: 728 One-is-to-Two (Mom Son, Daughter)
No: 729 Ooraith_therinjukkitten (Group,wife)


No: 730 Ootiyil_kooti_koduthaen (Incest, Strangers, Group,Mom Daughter)
No: 731 Operation_sumathi_Success (Strangers, Group)
No: 732 Oppatharkku_Oppantham (In laws, Group)
No: 733 Or_iravil (Mom Daughter)
No: 734 Ore_Urayil_Pala_Kathikal (Mom-Son Vyo)
No: 735 Oru Nal Unnodu Oru Nal (Cousins)
No: 736 Oru_Ammavin_kanavu_Nanavaakira (Mon Son)
No: 737 Oru_Iniya_Rayil_Payanam (Strangers,MMMF)
No: 738 Oru_manaivi_oru_maamiyaar (Wife & her Mother, MMF)


No: 739 Oru_Naal_Ninaivithu (Brother, Sister)
No: 740 Oru_Nadgi_Vibachari_Aagira (Celebrities)
No: 741 ORU_NAL_IRAVU (Cheating wife, Neighbour, Aunty)
No: 742 Oru_nal_manivi (Pimp Husband)
No: 743 Oru_Urvu_Uthayamagirathu (Mom-Son)
No: 744 Oru_vaarisu_uruvaagirathu (Mom Son)
No: 745 Oru_veedu_iru_vaasa (Bro Sis Friend, MMF)
No: 746 Orunaal.unodu.orunaal (Cousins)
No: 747 Othu_Patthu_OK_Solu (Inlaws, Anni)
No: 748 PaasamaanaAmma (Mom Son)
No: 749 Paatti-Amma-Akka Family Incest
No: 750 Padma_Mami (Aunty)


No: 751 Paalai_Kudichukko (Not Avilable)


No: 752 Pakalil_Vantha_Paruva_Mayil (Friends Wife)
No: 753 Pakkaththu_aaththu_Maami (Cheating wife,Aunty, Neighbour)
No: 754 Pakkaththu_veettu_auntiyum_pengalu (Neighbours, Aunty, Daughters)
No: 755 Pakkaththu_vittil_parisu (Neighbours, Party, Wife, MMF)
No: 756 Pakkathu_Portion_Akka (Neighbours, Aunty)
No: 757 Pakkathu_veetu_Babu (Neighbours, Aunty, MMF)
No: 758 Pakkathu_veetu_Chitra (Neighbours, Aunty)


No: 759 Pakkathu_Veetu_Kavitha (Neighbours, Aunty, Yb)
No: 760 Pakkathu_Veetu_Panakkari (Cheating Wives)
No: 761 Pakkathu_Veetu_Ponnu (Neighbours, freek Girl)
No: 762 Pakkathu_vettu_mami (Cheating wife,Aunty, Neighbour)
No: 763 Palaivanathil_Oru_Solaithendral (Cheting Wife)
No: 764 Pallavi_oru_padukkaiyarai_pisasu (Friends wife, Pimp hus)
No: 765 Pallikkoodam (Mom infront of son)
No: 766 Palliyil_Padma_Veetinil_Vidhya (Incest Family, Group)
No: 767 Panakkar_Veetu_Kama_Leelai (Starngers, aunty)
No: 768 Panthayam (Neighbours Uncle)
No: 769 Pany_Podatha (Aunty)
No: 770 Pappammalin_Kama_Veriyattam (Incest, Group, MMFF)


No: 771 Para_Puurusa_Sugam (Cheating Wife)
No: 772 Parthen_Rusithen (Sisters Friend)
No: 773 Paruva_Mottukal (Friends, MFF)
No: 774 Paththeekichu (Lesbian 1 on 1)
No: 775 Pathuvidam_kutthu (Aunty, MFF)
No: 776 Patta pakalil (Teaseing_bus)
No: 777 Patthukulle_Number_onnu_sollu (Sex Song)
No: 778 Pattina_piravesam (Maid, Party, Gang Bang, Exbitionisim)
No: 779 Pattiyin_Adanga_Pundai_Veri (Neighbours, Aunty)
No: 780 Pavam_Akka_Pundai (Brother-Sister)
No: 781 Pavithravin_marupakkam (Girl Friend, Vyoristic)
No: 782 Payanam (Strangers, bus, Teasing)


No: 783 Pazathai_Pizhi_Palai_Kudi (Neigbour_Lactation_wifes friend)
No: 784 Pazhapporathai_pasuvukku_kodu (Mom Son)
No: 785 Periamma (Moms Elder Sister)
No: 786 Periyappa_chiththappa_amma (Mom & Bros in Law  Vyoristic, Son, MM
No: 787 Petra_Magane_Peru_Marunthu (Mom Sons, MMF)
No: 788 Pillaiyakkiya_Akka (Brother Elder Sister, Lactating))
No: 789 Pirivom_Santhippom (Incest Family)
No: 790 Piriyatha_Varam_Vendum (Sister in Law,, Lesbain)


No: 791 Plane_Story (Strangers, Cheating Wife)
No: 792 Pllotha_Doctor (Hospital, 1 on 1)
No: 793 Poi.solla.porom (Brother Sister)
No: 794 Pokkiri (Neighbour, Aunty)
No: 795 Polic_Visaranai (Uniform,Vyoristic, Forced)
No: 796 Pollatha_Doctor (Cheating Wives,Hospitsl,MFF)
No: 797 Pondati_Thangachi (Sister in Law,)
No: 798 PondAtti_VIttil_KondAttam (In laws, mother in law, Sisters in Law)
No: 799 Ponnu_Pakka_Poran (Father in Law)
No: 800 Ponnum_Ponnum (Lesbain)
No: 801 Pookkaatha-poo (Brother Sister, Maid, Lesbain, MFF)
No: 802 Poonthotta_kaavalkaaran (Cheating Wife, Male Servent)
No: 803 Powrnami_Muzhu_Nilavil.. (Neighbours, Freek Girl)


No: 804 Pramithavin... (Father in Law)
No: 805 Preetha (Cheating Wives)
No: 806 Preethiyudan_Nei (Lesbain)
No: 807 Priyamana_Priya (Aunty)
No: 808 Pudi_Pudi_Pudichathai_Pudida (Sister in Law, Anni)
No: 809 Pundaikku_thandanai (Step_mom, Forced, Bondage)
No: 810 Pundaye_Prathanam (Cheating Wives)
No: 811 Pundayum_Kattuval_Pathni (Cheating Wives)
No: 812 Purusanukku_theriyamal (Strangers, Cheating Wife, Young Boys, M


No: 813 Purusha_Sugam (Hus & Wife)
No: 814 Puthaiyal (Sons Would be)
No: 815 Puthandu_Key_Chain_Party (Swapping Party)
No: 816 Puthiya_paarvai (Brother Sister)
No: 817 Puththande_varuga (Brother Sister, Wife, MMF)
No: 818 Puthu cheruppu_kadikkum (Cheating Wife,Froced, in front of hubby,
No: 819 Puthu_vasantham (Incest Family)
No: 820 Puthuchcheruppu_kadikkum (Wife Group, )
No: 821 RAASIYIN_INBA_NATKAL (Lesbain, Aunty)
No: 822 Radhavum Selvium (Brother-Sister, Friends, MMF)
No: 823 RadhavumAnnanum (Brother Sister)
No: 824 Raghavani_Kazhi (MFF, Mother Daughter)
No: 825 Rail_Payanathil (Cheating Wives, Starngers)
No: 826 Rajavukku_check_Poojavukku_Fuk (Friends Sister)


No: 827 Puthu Puthu Sugangal (NA)


No: 828 Rajesh (Cheating Wives, Neighbours )
No: 829 Raji Ndathiya Padam (Cheating Wife, Young Boy)
No: 830 Ramya (cheting Wife, Young Boy)
No: 831 Ramya  Anni (Anni)
No: 832 Ramya Shreya (Celebraties)
No: 833 Ramya_neeyum_oru_penna (Freek Girl)
No: 834 Ranjitha_Oru_Idi_Thanki (1 on 1)


No: 835 Ra…RA… Sarasukku Ra…RA.. (Cheating Wives, Grop)
No: 836 Real First Night Story (Hus & Wife)
No: 837 Reema and Drivers (Celebraties, Group, Forced, )
No: 838 Remba Naal Eakkam (Uncle)
No: 839 Renuka (Father in Law)
No: 840 Revathi_Teacher (Teacher-Student)
No: 841 Roja  (Wife,Brother in Law,Sister in Law,Group,
No: 842 Roja Malarae (Lesbain)
No: 843 Rosa poo Sinna rosapoo (Sex Song)


No: 844 Revolver Reetta (Crime Novel)


No: 845 Rusi kanda poonai (Incest, Mom-Son-Daughter)
No: 846 Sagala kala vallavan (Celebraties, MFF)
No: 847 Sahaanaa_saaral_thuvutho (Starngers)
No: 848 Sakunthala (Step Mom, Sister in Law,)
No: 849 Sampoorna_Ramayanam (Maid, Mother-Daughter,)
No: 850 Sandhya (Celebraties,)
No: 851 Sandhya_Sandhya (maid, Forced, MMMF)
No: 852 Sangeetha (Friend's Wife)


No: 853 Saroja Devi Book-1 (NA)


No: 854 Saroja Devi Sex Kathaikal-2 (NA)


No: 855 Santhi (Father in Law)
No: 856 Santhi_Kodutha_Sugam (Cheating Wives)
No: 857 Santhiya Mamiyin Santhu (Aunty)
No: 858 Saravin Anubhavam (Group, Forced, MMMf)
No: 859 Saroja (Friends, Group, MMMFFF)
No: 860 Sarojavin sallapam (Brother-Sister, Nephew, Group)
No: 861 Satham Podathe (Starngers)


No: 862 Sarojadevi Sex Stories-1 (NA)
No: 863 Sarojadevi Sex Stories-2 (NA)
No: 864 Sarojadevi Sex Stories-3 (NA)
No: 865 sathi leelaavathy (Cheating Wives, Group, MMMF)
No: 866 SATHIYASEELAN (Swapping)


No: 867 savitri (Cheating Wives)
No: 868 School_Days_Boys (Gay)
No: 869 Seeta_Priyan (Neighbours, Aunty)
No: 870 Sekar (Brother-Sister)
No: 871 Selvi (Friends,Cheating Wives)
No: 872 Selviyin_SMS (Cheating Wives)
No: 873 Sex with actrresses (Celebraties, Group,)
No: 874 Shalini (Celebraties, Starngers)
No: 875 Shopping_Prize… (Co-league)
No: 876 shreyavukku enna ayirru (Celebraties,)
No: 877 Side_Portion_Vimala (Neighbours, Aunty)
No: 878 Silonu_Singala_ponnu (Starngers, Teen)
No: 879 Simranin kaama kooththu (Celebraties,MMF)
No: 880 Simranin Kama Leelaikal (Celebraties,)


No: 881 Sinna_Sinna_Sabalangal (aunty, Young Boys )
No: 882 Sithaal Kodutha Santosham (1 on 1)
No: 883 SIVAKAMIYIN SELVAN (Incest, Mom Son,Group,Shemale,Party)
No: 884 Sooda En Thandu (Incest, Mom-Son-Daughter)
No: 885 Soothu kolutha sundarikal (BDSM, Forced,,MFFF)
No: 886 Soothu Sundari (Teacher-Student)


No: 887 Sorgam (Incest Family)
No: 888 Sorgatheevuu (Group,)
No: 889 Sorgathin_Vasappadi (Teacher-Student Young Boys, Cheating
No: 890 Sornam Sukikkiraal (Mom-Son)
No: 891 Sorry-----Nilapennee (Starngers, Physco)
No: 892 Su_Ni_Vetha (Wife & Her Sis, MFF)


No: 893 Sottu Neer Paasanam (Brother-Sister)
No: 894 Sudhavin_Suya_Inbham (Neighbours, Aunty)
No: 895 Sugam Tharum Sugantha (Cheating Wives, Teacher-Student, MMF)


No: 896 Sugam tharuval Sumathi (Cheating Wives)
No: 897 Sumathi (Cheating Wives)
No: 898 sumathi en sunthari (Sister's Mother in Law,)
No: 899 sumithra vittil nuzhaintha thirudan (Celebraties,Starngers)
No: 900 Sundaren Anubhavam (Brother-Sister)
No: 901 Sundari (Teacher-Student)
No: 902 Sundari Mamiyum Lathavum (Lesbain)
No: 903 Sundari neeyum (Son's Friend)
No: 904 Sundaynna Rendu (With Sisters, MFF)
No: 905 Sundhara_Valliyin_Sugamana (Cheating Wives)
No: 906 Sunitha Sunnithaa (Office)
No: 907 Sunthariyin poologa sorkkam (Incest Family)
No: 908 Super Mamaa (Friend's Deughter)
No: 909 Super_Kerala_Kutty (Cheating Wives)
No: 910 susiin bus ANUBAVAM (Teasing, Bus)


No: 911 Susiyin Ragasiya Uravu (Starngers, Aunty)
No: 912 Swarna (Brother-Sister)
No: 913 Swinging Pogalaam Vaanga (Swapping, Group, Exbitionnisim)
No: 914 Swmya (Maid)
No: 915 Swumyavin_Muthal_Anubhavam (Maid)
No: 916 Tamanna (Celebraties,)
No: 917 Teacheramma (Teacher-Student)
No: 918 Teacherin_Vethiyiyal (Teacher Students)
No: 919 Telephone sex (Hus & Wife)
No: 920 Thaai Pasam (Mom-Son)
No: 921 Thaai Veettu Seethanam (Wife Sharing)
No: 922 Thaali baakiyam (Mom-Son)
No: 923 Thaay sollaith thattaathae (Mom-Son)


No: 924 Thai magan maga (Incest Family)
No: 925 Thai Thamakkai (Incest Family)
No: 926 Thambiyin_Kambiai_Nambia_Bhanu (Step Sister)
No: 927 Thambiyudan Sila Iravukal (Brother-Sister)
No: 928 Thambiyudan Thandavam (Brother-Sister)
No: 929 THAMIZH AASIRIYAI (Teacher-Student)
No: 930 Thanbiyin Thanga Kammbi (Brother-Sister)
No: 931 Thandai Kadikkum Thangai (Brother-Sister)


No: 932 Thangachiye..... Incest Family 
No: 933 Thangai en kama aasiriyai (Brother-Sisters)
No: 934 Thangai En Udalin Paathi (Brother-Sister)
No: 935 Thangai Thaamarai Malare (Brother-Sister)
No: 936 thangai-annan Ins-Bro Sis-
No: 937 Thangaikku_Nandri (Brother-Sister MMF)
No: 938 Thanimail inimai (Female mastrabation)
No: 939 Thankaya_Tharama (Brother-Sister MMF)
No: 940 Thanniyum Vendam (Friend's Wife, Cockold Husband)
No: 941 Tharathirku Pin Makal (Dad-Daughter)
No: 942 Thattungal thirakkappadum (Starngers)


No: 943 Thayal Kadai Sallapam (Starngers)
No: 944 Thean sinthum malargal (Starngers)
No: 945 Theataril (Out Door teasing,Young Boys )
No: 946 Thedum kan parvai (Exploited)
No: 947 Thee (Neighbours, MMFF)
No: 948 Then_Nilavu (Hus & Wife)
No: 949 Then_Nilavu_pin_Palanilavu (Wife, group, Cockold Hus)
No: 950 Thenilavu_Ninaivukal NA
No: 951 Thennilavu_Ninaivugal (Hus & Wife)
No: 952 Thennilavugal (Swapping, Group,)


No: 953 TheTreatment (BDSM)


No: 954 THEVITATHA INBAM (Freek Teen)
No: 955 Thinamum_Ennai_Kavani (Neighbours, Vyoristic)
No: 956 Thirai_Arangil (Out Door teasing,Young Boys )
No: 957 Thirudaathae Aunty-Uncle, Lesbain)
No: 958 Thirumana_Virunthu_ (Co-league)
No: 959 Thirumathi maha lakshmi (Incest, Group,)
No: 960 Thirumathi pazhanisamy (Cheating Wives)
No: 961 Thirutu rascal (Gay)
No: 962 Thisai thirumbia naal (Brother-Sister)
No: 963 Thodarum Iravugal (Cheating Wives)
No: 964 Thottathukkul_Ullasam (Starngers)


No: 965 Thirumathi Sivakami (Swapping)
No: 966 ThOzhi Ezuthiya madal (Firiends letter)
No: 967 Thozhikku Pudusu (Starngers, Call Girls)
No: 968 Thozhikku_En_thirumana_Prisu_ (Co-Leg)
No: 969 Thulasiyai Thoor Variya Kathai (Maid)
No: 970 Thuli_thuliyai_thulasi_mamiyai (Aunty)
No: 971 TRISHA_a_rape_Story (Celebraties,)
No: 972 Trishavin_Sex_Anubhavam (Celebraties,)


No: 973 TSUNAMI_Veati (Forced,Group,)
No: 974 Tuation_teacher (Teacher-Student)
No: 975 Tulasi-Maadam (Incest, Science Fiction)
No: 976 Ullam_ketkume_more (Mom-Son, Aunty)
No: 977 Ullasa_Payanm (Brother-Sister, Swapping, MMFF)
No: 978 Un.mela.aasaithaan (Teacher-Student)
No: 979 Unnai.kan.theduthe (Neighbours, Wife Exploited)


No: 980 Unidam.mayangugiren (Uncle)
No: 981 Unnai_Kodu_Ennai_tharuven (Husband-Wife)
No: 982 Uyire_unakkaaga (swapping)
No: 983 Uravugal_thodarkathai (Brother-Sister, Swapping)
No: 984 Urmilavin_Oorum_Pundai (Cheating Wives)


No: 985 Ushavudan_oru_Kama_Payanam (Starngers 1 on 1)
No: 986 Ushavudan_Ullasam (Neighbours)
No: 987 Vaa_intha_pakkam (Friend's Wife)
No: 988 Vaaliba_virunthu (Mom-Son, Gang Bang)
No: 989 Vakupparaya_Palliyaraya (girl Friend & her Sister)


No: 990 Vaazhvile_oru_naal (Friend's Mom, MMMF)
No: 991 Valiye_Inbam (Mother-Daughter, Forced,MMMMFF)
No: 992 Valliyin_Varalaru (Exploited Girls)
No: 993 Valsala (Hus & Wife)
No: 994 VANAJA_GIRIJAA_COMPLETE (Dad daughters)
No: 995 Vandaarkuzhali (Historical Story)
No: 996 Vanithavin_Muthal_Anubhavam (bus, Starngers, Teasing)
No: 997 Vaniyamma_Pundai (Male Servent, Young Boys, Cheating Wiv
No: 998 Vasantha_Aunty (MFF)
No: 999 Vasantha_Kala_Kolangal (Step-Mom)


No: 1000 Vasantha_vizha (Teasing, Travel,Young Boys)
No: 1001 Vasoolraja Alagappan (Cheating Wives)
No: 1002 Vasumathi Ennum Devathai (Lovers)
No: 1003 Vathsala (Hus & Wife)
No: 1004 vayasu ponnu (Mother-Daughter)
No: 1005 Veena Mamiyidam Velai (Cheating Wives)
No: 1006 Veera_Laxmiyin_Veera_Thaham (Hus & Wife)
No: 1007 Veettukara_Mami (aunty)
No: 1008 Veetu_Ownerin_Manaivi (Aunty)
No: 1009 Veetukariyin_Vadagai_Veri (Neighbours, Cheating Wives)


No: 1010 Velaikkari purushan (Forced, Swap, Group,)
No: 1011 Velaikkari_Gomathi (Father in Law,Vyoristic, Maid)
No: 1012 Velaikkariyai Otha Anubhavam (Maid)
No: 1013 velaikkariyai otha Kathi (Maid)
No: 1014 Velaikkariyin_Velai (Maid)
No: 1015 Velaikku_Pona_Idathile NA


No: 1016 Veluvin_Pulu (Aunty, MFF)
No: 1017 Vethanayilum_Sugam (Lovers)
No: 1018 Veveramana Velaikari (Maid)
No: 1019 Vibacharam (Friends, MFFF)
No: 1020 VIDIYA VIDIYA SOLLITH THAR (Cheating Wives)
No: 1021 Vidiyum Vaeai Viji (Friends)
No: 1022 Viduthi_Samayal_kari (Starngers)
No: 1023 Viji Anni (In Laws, Sister in Law,)
No: 1024 vilaiyattu bommai (Brother-Sister, Group)
No: 1025 Vinayana_Vilayattu... (Hospital, Exploited Teen)
No: 1026 Vineetha Akka (Neighbours, Young Boys)


No: 1027 Vinithavin_Teakkadai (Starngers, Young Boys)
No: 1028 VinOtha uRavu (Wife saring, Male Bi)
No: 1029 Vithavain_Virka_Thaham (Friends Sister)
No: 1030 Vithavayum_Police_Aayvalarum (Neighbours)
No: 1031 Vittukulle Thiruvizha (Brother-Sister)
No: 1032 Yaar_Kettavar (Brother in Law)
No: 1033 V-College Experience (In Law dau)
No: 1034 Vasantha Jothi (Strangers)



இரு குடும்பங்கள்

மீண்டும் ஒரு கதையை உங்களுக்கு கொடுப்பதில் பெருமகிழ்ச்சி அடைகிறேன். இந்த கதையில் வரும் இரண்டு குடும்பங்களின் முக்கிய கதாபாத்திரங்களை உங்களு...